Raffle For A Ride

Today our school had Raffle for a ride. Raffle for a ride is when people put in tickets and they have a chance
to win a ride in a flash car. There was heaps of awesome cars like the four stock cars.
The More FM automobile. There was a helicopter. there was a few Harley Davidson motor-bikes. A Police
car also came, a Fire Truck, a few Vintage automobiles, the new Ford Focus, but my favorite cars
would of had to be the silver and black Porsche’s, the gray Lamborghini Murcielago , and the cherry red Ferrari.

Abby and Jessie won Raffle for a Ride, Jessie won a ride in a Police car and Abby won a ride in the More FM and she got to take two friends, the two friends she picked were Zoe and Sumayah.

Isaac, Evan and I recorded the whole thing on my laptop, we were really exited when the Lamborghini, the Porsche’s and
the Ferrari pulled into the school. We said to each other “We need to go and get footage of the Lamborghini, the Porsche’s and

I really enjoyed the Raffle for a ride day at Russell Street School

4 World Flags

Here is some info on the flags of Chili, Slovakia, Turkey, Denmark.

Chili: The star represents a guide to progress and honor, the blue represents the sky, the white represents a snow-covered Andes and the red represents the blood spilled to achieved.





Student Review

Student Review

My goals and if i achieved them
1:  My first goal was to get a nomination for the Digi Awards. I failed, but my class has sent in lots of things and we all hope that we get an award.
2: My second goal was to get my Mathex team in in the top 5 teams. We came 7th! So close to achieving my goal. Still pretty good, 7th in 50-60 teams.
3: Finally my third goal to catch every good throw in Flags. My average is to catch 9 in 10 throws. So not every good trow but most of them.

My highlights of Term 3
1:My first highlight for the term was the production because I found it fun learning the dance moves and preforming to a large audience.
2: My second highlight was all the art we did (Life-size All Blacks, Auckland Skylines and My Alien Mask) because I think my artwork turned out to be brilliant.
3: My third and final highlight was all the knew maths I learnt, The maths I learnt for Mathex, and the awesome strategies Stephen taught me.

My Performance for The production was…
I believe that I could of done bigger moves and better facials, Not much though. Overall I think that the Production was Awesome.

Confidence, Creativity, Respect and Time Management. How I Thought I went in these.
I believe that I had alot of confidence through out term 3.
Creativity: I was chosen to go into an Art Extension when we had to make alien masks, so I believe that being in an Art Extension shows Creativity.
Respect: I think that I’ve shown
lots of Respect to most people. I think I could of shown a little more.
Time Management: I think that most times I finish on time but sometimes I don’t finish on time.